Have A Heart Farm (HAHF) was founded in 2006 from a need to establish a permanent and humane placement site for the unwanted animals from Wagner Farm.

It is also a mission of HAHF to be a placement site, both temporary and permanent, for other farm and non-farm animals with special needs.

Additional plans for HAHF include an education center on animal welfare and environmental issues, an organic crop area, an animal rehabilitation facility including for wildlife, and a temporary lodging site for animals and their rescuers who are traveling long distances and need a rest stop.

The H.E.A.R.T. Coalition

Have a Heart Farm, along with its sister organization Wagner Farm Rescue Fund (WFRF), is also the founder of The H.E.A.R.T. (Helping Each Animal Receive Time) Coalition, which has been formed to network with other non-profit organizations in conjunction with their rescue of animals such as farm animals, domestic cats and dogs, feral cats, race track animals, and wildlife.

About Our Founder

Debby Rubenstein Founder  /  President
Wagner Farm Rescue Fund
Have A Heart Farm

Debby Rubenstein has been an animal rescuer since childhood. Her education background includes state teaching certification in early childhood education and a Master of Arts degree in Early Childhood Special Education.

She is a public advocate of a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, is involved in Chicago-area political activities, and has lectured at the college level on effective community advocacy.

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