1. Can you please explain briefly what the fundraising is about?

(A) Have A Heart Farm, a 501(c) (3) an Illinois non-profit animal advocacy and rescue organization established in 2006, is working towards establishing a multi-species emergency transport and foster care sanctuary.

2.  Where will the new farm be located?

(A) Target area is south-central WI, to serve both Illinois and Wisconsin

3. What is the difference between this farm and any other farm sanctuary?

(A) Our mission is to be multi-species, including both farmed and domestic animals, and to provide emergency transport and foster care to animals who must be re-homed immediately and are in dire need of an established site to be moved to.

4. How is this different than any animal shelters?

(A) Sanctuaries usually take many animals that shelters reject, such as animals with special needs due to age and medical issues. In shelters, animals with special needs, even if they are initially accepted, are often then euthanized even if they could ultimately be re-homed.

5. Why can’t these animals be placed at any other midwest animal shelters or farm sanctuary? 

(A)  At any given time, both shelters and sanctuaries are operating, due to overwhelming need, at full or beyond-full capacity. The mission of Have A Heart Farm is to accept animals that would otherwise be turned away elsewhere due to these capacity issues, and to take some of the placement needs pressure off of sanctuaries who provide forever care and aren’t in the  position to accept even more animals for fostering.

6. How many animals will this sanctuary be able to accommodate? 

(A) That will depend on several factors, including the zoning ordinances and size of the property where the sanctuary is established. Other factors include amount of funding and personnel available at any given time to care for the animals and to maintain the property responsibly.

7. Apart from fundraisers how else can I help Have A Heart Farm?

(A) We welcome volunteers with a wide variety of skills, talents, and interests and encourage those who are interested in volunteering to:

  • submit our volunteer form: http://www.haveaheartfarm.org/volunteer/
  • check our various specific needs listed at Volunteer Match: https://www.volunteermatch.org/search/org76426.jsp

8. I need help with animal placement – how can I contact Have A Heart Farm?

(A) Via our Facebook page, and through the contact form on our web site at: www.HaveAHeartFarm.org

9. How does Have A Heart Farm manage to rescue animals currently? 

(A) Many people in need of re-homing animals find us through internet searches that lead them to our web site, through Facebook, and via recommendations made by others.

10. How many animals has Have A Heart Farm rescued so far in 2018?

(A) In January alone, we have helped to rescue 6 pot belly pigs, 2 rabbits, and 1 goose.

11.  Does Have A Heart Farm work with any other organizations and individuals? 

(A) We also work with other rescue organizations and individuals via social media networking to find safe placement sites for animals. Additionally, we work with our sister non-profit animal advocacy and rescue organization, Wagner Farm Rescue Fund, which was established in 2002: (www.WagnerFarmRescueFund.org and on Facebook).

Both Have A Heart Farm and Wagner Farm Rescue Fund were founded by Debby Rubenstein, a vegan animal rescuer and rights activist in the Chicago metro area, who is continuing director of both organizations.

12. Are there other missions planned for Have A Heart Farm?

(A) Yes! We seek to be community interactive; some examples include plans to include vegan food collection and donation to our various local sanctuary associates when they are dealing with the limitations of food provision in harsh winter weather conditions; conducting various humane and environmental education programs for the general public; and providing a Midwest periodic place of rest for rescuers and their animals who are traveling long distances during rescue transports.