Rescue Participation 2018


We were alerted to a Canada goose who had landed in the field of a school, obviously injured. We went to check on him, and assisted by calling possible sites to bring him to. Fortunately, a trained wildlife rehabber showed up and was able to contain the goose and bring him to a wildlife center.

The goose was determined to have numerous injuries that couldn’t be rehabbed. One wing was broken and almost totally detached from his body, and there was also a previous eye injury that didn’t heal and was crusted over – the goose couldn’t see out of that eye at all. He was humanely euthanized as it was determined that he was greatly suffering as well. At least he made his way to rehabbers and was prevented from more suffering, including being killed by a predator, freezing, or starving due to his being incapacitated.

These domestic rabbits were dumped in the countryside in Illinois in frigid December weather by someone who had agreed to take care of them. Three of the ten rabbits dumped were found. Our rescue network was contacted to help. Thanks to the help of a sanctuary and an individual volunteer, we got them into initial foster care, transported to a second foster care, and then placement at yet another sanctuary. The remaining seven rabbits weren’t able to be found, and are now presumed to be deceased.


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